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Reviews for "AD - Unbound"


lol the bass synth and drums r so hard on this one its crazy =P

not much to say

u were going crazy bout how happy u were bout this beat lol but for good reason haha

its really good

keep it up


AeraDynamic responds:

I really like the Drums more then everything else on that Beat tbh, the Bass-Synth is great but it could still use some improvement. The Hook-Lead is way more kickass if you ask me xDDD I think I could really stick to that type of Beats... I dunno much about classic or orchestral HipHop and when I try to make smthng classic and deep or epic I fail at my lack of knowledge about chords, Melodies and Skill to make it sound real. it mostly sounds fake or unrealistic and synthetical so I just make ma music synthetical and modern clubb -ish purposely and I am good to go ^^