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Reviews for "AD - Unbound"


nice flow man

keep this one !

AeraDynamic responds:

THX man, glad u like it :D


this is crazy

AeraDynamic responds:

you are crazy

Yo man!

Long time no talk huh?
Amazing one here.
Lots of improvement here! Great mixdown and sound choices.
I'd like the .flp file if you'd like? I won't steal it, i have no reason to. I just want to see what i can do with it.

AeraDynamic responds:

xDDD never thought u would find ur way to this track, especially cuz its hiphop but yeah I could send u the file if you like...


nice banger yeah i remember it in msn when i told u to take down the bassi cant remember now tho is the bells low now too... they still sound kinda hi.
oh yeah and when u take the background strings away allmost in erry verse part its kinda dull i wanted to hear som fuckin wit the synths u know som effects n shit at the same time u cuss my beats repetitive, urs the same... pretty boring but hey i hope ull get one ass kickin mc on this cuz it really needs a mc on this like war spawn or sumthin...it feels hes style u know.

AeraDynamic responds:

word, i was really thinking about changing the bells a bit, I got 3 different bell melodies at the hook and they all got different velocity and play at the same time so its kinda hard to seperate em without makin em too quiet, the bass was taken down already in ma first update, the first half of the verse is a bit empty I know .__. buts its still varied on the beat and the syths but if I would have put more into it it would sound overpowered, there are already 8 Synths going on... anyway thx

Hot Damn!

This is shit is crazy is crazy! That kick is amazing and so is that clap, damn the drums are just beast and that bass is insane! Im not saying everything else wasnt amazing, cause everything was fiyah, but those were the things that caught my attention the most. Great job aera! I can understand why this is your favorite and I understand how good it feels to make a beat like that. Unfortunately, Im not really feeling anything Im making right now..... But anyway great work dawg.

5/5 - 4.19 / 5.00 (+ 0.063)

AeraDynamic responds:

>,< noooeeez u need to feel it man, FEEL IT! u cant make sum good music if you don't feel anything while producin... thn just kick deh fuckin bitch file out of ya library and make smthng new till u feel again xDDD we are no robots damn world!