Reviews for "St0rm - HardTrance[RmX]"

still totally friggin awesome

holy cheese this one is better then the last one

St0rmChaser responds:

Thank you very much Dalkia :D.
Yup, the kick and bass are better, and especially the second melo is.
Thx for dropping by a review to :D.

Greets St0rmChaser

Bin here and there

ur music is fullid with build ups and great tunes but enought about ur music cuz ill wet my pants...

i've listend to ur earlier tracks and saw ur talent i hope to see more of u in the future

Suprise me


St0rmChaser responds:

Thanks flyhawk =D.
I feel that im getting better and better, and one day i hope to make a breakthru in the Top 5.
Thanks for your support ^^ and for dropping a review.

Take Care,


Thi's SHITTTT is weryy goood dude omfg !! love u

St0rmChaser responds:

thanks mate =).

greets St0rmChaser

well done!

differnt feel than the original in its own way.
this would also work as a good dance song
if some faster beats and differnt sounds were added.
thats my opinion and another opition.

St0rmChaser responds:

Thanks for your review dynamizer.
Yes, i tried to make a diffrent way of listening to it, but still with some familiar things in it. xD.

Hm a dance track eh ?. thats not a bad idea at all. thnx.



dude this track has a AWSOME! baZZ line
and the synth that falls in makes it the most awsome hard trance track ever!
1000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000/10

St0rmChaser responds:

Thank you renagade =D,
And thanks for the 10000000000000000000000000000000/10 vote =D.

St0rmChaser aka Endeavour