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Reviews for ""New Song""


Its already 2 and a half minutes! Don't trash the project now! GET YOUR ASS BACK INTO WHATEVER YOU USED TO MAKE THIS AND FINISH IT UP!

I think its really catchy by the way ;)

fffffffffffffffffFINISH IT!!!

The Orchestral beginning/ending is EPIC beyond belief. You have to teach me some of your skills.

The piano is awesome too. Love how it grows in. and the finishes off the song too.

When just the hats came in at 0:41, I was like, yeaaaahhh, that's build up right there. and I knew the NIGHTkilla beat was coming in soon.

Your beat is great like always. Strong enough, but not blowing up my speakers.

Great job with this one man.
Finish it up. and it will be great.

5/5, 10/10


Rukkus responds:

Thanx man. Btw, this song is only a promo. Im gonna make the techno portion a lot longer and add a whole buncha more stuff in.

How do you stop?!?!

This song is AMAZING so far! Don't stop making it!

here is the story i think can go

behind this piece, plus suggestions. it will go 0:00-0:00 story;suggestions.

0:00-0:28 the main character gets back up from defeat, as the music gets heroic, in their time of despair; an addition could be a dispair like theme to build into the begining

0:29-0:41 the hero starts the "epic speach" that you hear in anime when they get epic. his hair and loose clothing start to rise at 0:39;nothing, it's all good.

0:42-0:54 the speach continues, with a slight aura circleing at his feet, pulsing larger and larger, with the DBZ "hair flaping in the wind", the pulsing stops at 0:51 and the aura startsexpanding, loking like its going to blow at
0:52 ; could be a liitle longer with a little more buildup, but it's all good.

0:55-1:20 the finishing of the speech and full blown aura encircling and intertwining our "hero", with the rest of the fighting stopped and everyone paying attention to him; it's great, though could be more heroic.

1:21-1:30 the aura grows, he lifts his head and opens his eyes, to them now being gold with the Dragon slit (|, a downward one.) and at the end lifts arms in a cross above his head; nothing

1:31-1:32 throws arms down, aura bursting out and instantly disipating, going into a crouched start dash like position, dashing forwards to the guy who PwNed him at the crash; could be a second or 2 longer

1:33-1:44 duck-dodges an attack and starts to pulverise the shit out of him, uppercutting the enemy at the start of the build-up; nothing to date

1:44-1:45 is anime slowmo, of the hero leaping to reach him, smashing him to the ground a half second before the crash, with little miss enemy hitting the ground causing an anime ground hitting explosion at the crash: perfectly timed

1:46 hero crashes down, hitting the enemy and pulverising him

1:47-1:55 no sign of anyone, only smoke.

1:56-2:04 a shadowed figure appears in the smoke, walking towards everyone else, the enemies leave, and everyone else holds their breath.

2:05-2:13 that sick figure shadow gets darker and gains a distinct outline of someone; impresevely done

2:14-end the figur breaks through the smoke, it's the battered hero, everyone is happy and amazed, and the leader of the team sits there while the rest go to help their "savior" and thinks, ' all this time we've been serching for the weilder of "that" power, when he's been under our noses the whole time, and to think he summond that much power with no prior use or knowledge, his potential is Frightening' ; i saved this for the end, though i think the title of this piece can be Discovery. and PM me if you want to here more of the plotline behind this story.

Rukkus responds:

Lmao. Dude, thank you very much for the awsome story. I've never had someone do this before, and its so epic. Much appreciated! I'm glad you enjoyed the song.

sweet awsome

sweet awsomesoundz like a story