Reviews for ""New Song""

How do you stop?!?!

This song is AMAZING so far! Don't stop making it!

Keep workin on it, man!

Okay, you really have something great coming along here, don't stop working on it. please =P. Like michael said, the piano is awesome. I really like your beat and i dunno how "serious" you meant this piece to sound, but i like the low piano notes and how at first the piece sounded kind of dark and mysterious, only to change into a much quicker tempo with a more upbeat sound. You begin and end this piece nicely, but i want to see more. I know you can do it =)

fffffffffffffffffFINISH IT!!!

The Orchestral beginning/ending is EPIC beyond belief. You have to teach me some of your skills.

The piano is awesome too. Love how it grows in. and the finishes off the song too.

When just the hats came in at 0:41, I was like, yeaaaahhh, that's build up right there. and I knew the NIGHTkilla beat was coming in soon.

Your beat is great like always. Strong enough, but not blowing up my speakers.

Great job with this one man.
Finish it up. and it will be great.

5/5, 10/10


Rukkus responds:

Thanx man. Btw, this song is only a promo. Im gonna make the techno portion a lot longer and add a whole buncha more stuff in.

yes finish it

This is not the music I like but it still shows a lot of talent I give it a 7


Its already 2 and a half minutes! Don't trash the project now! GET YOUR ASS BACK INTO WHATEVER YOU USED TO MAKE THIS AND FINISH IT UP!

I think its really catchy by the way ;)