Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy 2 (clay)"

This movie had class!!!

Nuuuuu dont Blam dis movie!! it had class and for once it wasent stolen!!!

went down a little but still good

for me not as good as the first but i still like it.


Im wondering, would you like to drop a few lines for one of my movies??? i would also LOVE to do effects for your clays and stuff, i can allso do sound effects if you want. another thing is i would like to do lines in your films too maybe? well, just cantact me, my eamil is rubberdeath , its an aol adress. and my aim is nonsenseninja, PEACE OUT MY BROTHA'!!!!


This was totally sweet! I saw the first one I and I honestly thought that was the end of that one. I was really excited to see this one, and I thought this one was very well done, too! Could you please tell me when you plan to have part 3 released? I just can't wait for it to come out.

Awsome Claymation.

This claymation is awsome as is your other Lone Warrior episodes... I know how hard claymation is (check mine out) and you pulled this one of flawlessly. The animation was VERY smooth, the sets were well done, and the metal gear solid theme was a nice finishing touch. 5/5 (I'd give you more if possible)