Reviews for "Unluckiest Man Alive 1"

Started off slow but

Damn did it ever get flipping sweet.
Seriously people just let it go, it's great.

Wustfull responds:

Wow, thanks man. Iv'e got overwhelming positive responces to this movie. Thanks again, i know many people are so shallow as to hate it, but as long as ive entertained a few people, my work here is done.

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If you vote under 5 then you truly deserve to die.

Wustfull responds:

and thats why your not dead, LordDread. :)


Thank christ!! someone who is sane!! i watched ur cartoon, very good, definatly the unluckiest man alive.
after ratin stuff i press the "random submission" thingy me bob and usually some shitty piece of shitty shit called shitty mcshitterson! well u have been the ray of sunshine into the uncertain futre of that button, well done.
also i have seen some of the reviews and well done for showing every NORMAL persons view on gayass sick fucker hentai porn.
cartoon porn, wat a fucking pile of pedo shit! i hope all those little twat, fuck wits who toss their little publess, half inch cocks off to CARTOON porn (enthasis on the cartoon part, shown to your left) i hope they all take great offence to my review.
well done again!

Wustfull responds:

WOW. wow. wow. Champion and a half right here. Love the way you think. "Shitty piece of shitty shit called shitty mcshitterson"??? Gold. I love it. Also, i like the way you even researched my background abit and read my reviews; nice. Glad you agree, have a freakn Awesome day.


i like the flash but dude dont go baggin on us who dont have girlfriends..... girls this year maybe ill get lucky...... PEACE!

Wustfull responds:

are harry, your a funny one...


Love it ! and I also like your style of replying to those hentai freaks who don't really have them laugh brain parts :) (<- I know, unlogical) anyway, this is super. Finally somthin' fresh and not boring. w00t !

Wustfull responds:

thanks buddy, and remember kids, stay away from hentaii. its for geeks who don't have girlfriends so they draw their own girlfriends.