Reviews for "Unluckiest Man Alive 1"


very funny... yet,, ummm work on the graphics..

make more XD XD

that was funny and its called Unluckiest Man Alive 1 ... 1 that means there will be a 2 right ? right ! right !?! lol only kidding but i will look forward 2 a new addition as i loved the idea of unlukyist man alive

funny stuff

make another

Fuck yah!

That was really funny


dont bash the graphics people im sure he meant it to be horrible graphics to make it funnier i mean it was actually pretty funny

Wustfull responds:

thanks man, the main thing going for that movie was it's hilerity, so atleast you picked up on that, i like stuff with good graphics too, and i try sometimes, my opions is... trying to do good graphics always fails for me, so id rather suceed in the jokes dept. first - but i will move on, im trying this whole "graphics" idea. seriously, i am.