Reviews for "Cursor Thief live"

Not bad...

This was an OK game, I got bored pretty quick... But the little dude IS cute... and pathetic... and if you give me more time I'll think of something... Not a bad game, but yeah, you should put something where you choose how many guys are on the screen, and then they all fight for it... Tey giving the little guy some weapons as well, like a jetpack...

(P.S I gave it a 0 for sound as there was none...)

I disagree

I disagree with the last guy, i loved how you got him to be so pithatic that you give thim a chance and...WAM!!!He takes your mouse and now you dont feel sorry but angry like hay you took my $5.00 even thou I got gimie back!this would have been better with sound, and mabye he sould swing a dagger or somethin but other than that great job, keep up the good work.

P.S. Next time make 2 or 4 so they fight over it! :-)

Pretty Below Average

I thought it was boring and it need more features. That thing needs to like shoot you and stuff. Better luck next time.


Fun for a couple of minutes , But then it gets boring .
Mabey you could make another one , As like a game where
you have to survive , Like theres lava ptis and you can get the
thief killed .. Ect , Like a mario game , In a way, Wait , it doesn't matter - I can be bothered to explain , broken toe and tired >:l

Seen it before.

I always like teasing it, putting my cursor just out of reach, and watching it jump.