Reviews for "Cursor Thief live"


can i just advise the maker that wheen the object folloing the mouse leaves the room make it stop so you cant just cheat and make the enimy be able to get the mouse when you put the mouse in the top corner (not as good as thee first game)


So boring...He don't even jump (high) or do anything to get the cursor...

this game isn't fun at all

this game is so boring at least give it some music.

This has it's own Wikigrounds page.

Well, it's okay but it can get hell of a boring, pretty quickly. Although it's a good remake and idea, I tired quickly but still added it to my favourites.

just... wow.

i dont know if this is stolen or not, it looks disturbingly sam- uhh similar, as the cursorthief i found on ebaums a year ago (yet again, i dont know if ebaum stole it from someone else, cuz i wont visit that site to check, on newgrounds there is an explanation why). well the funny coincidence is that i got bored a few days ago and made my own cursorthief, tho it's an exe and cant be submitted here (pm me if interested, i'm confident in my work, and someone may like it). oh well, since i randomly ran into this, it made my day.
well anyway. i pity you all people who say "add lasers, knives, jetpacks", this is NOT A GAME, it is just a cuteness factor!!!
i agree with a previous poster, who said "he looks so cute and pathetic and harmless, you give him a chance, and WHAM, there goes your 5$ mousie!"

PhoenixJ responds:

I recieved permission from the original author for this remake.