Reviews for "Cursor Thief live"


i agree to mr. feliping... it's so boring... it's like that you are the round shape boy... so that you need to give him the cursor... and that's the way of winning


what the this is stupid u could do better the guy could throw rockets at u or something

more pls

more, need i say more?

umm, u can do better man!

kinda crappy, and I want my controls back. there's a glitch if u close the browser b4 the thing throws your cursor into the pit you have to restart (hard boot) your computer to get it to work again :(


Not A Good Game at all, And There Isn't Anything " live " About This Game, It Just Stays At The same number every time, then all you do is make it into a 2

Congratulations You get A... 0!