Reviews for "Cursor Thief live"


got no entertainment in it, if you stay above or below him he will never get you. The live thing is a good idea though, if the game was at all hard it would be a great flash

Dude, this sucks.

This . . . is just a shame to be on the internet. What makes you think people just want to go to the original game? A novel concept, I'm sure, but just didn't work out well on paper. Better luck next time.


that little guy rocks

are you stupid

not good

I saw the original of this...

And all it was was a quick chuckle to look at, make it like the other cursor games, where the guy jumps towards it!
Unstead of using prolly less than a weekend to come up with this crap.

Oh course you, the author will think this is a useless review, like all the others, but if you actually PUT more than a (maybe) week of effort, you game won't suck. + you won't have to hear us nagging about it.