Reviews for "It's Crazy, Man!"

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It's sort of like if Enslaved: Odyssey to the West starred Flapjack instead of Monkey. I love both of these things. Putting them together makes my head explode a little. Cheers!

Yeah, I can imagine someone like him in the future stepping into that lush, green, and verdant area that used to be a living structure for some poor extinct guy. Who knows, maybe that handicap sign will be labeled a royal insignia dictating only nobles could wait in that area when that tourist/explorer gets the rights to (re)write history about our race.

4 Stars for the amount of detail and color tossed into the surrounding architecture and ground.
1 Star for the humor I found with the explorer/tourist happening upon this place.

mmmmm mmm MMMMM Look at that color.

Wow it just oozes out pretty much. I love the amount of detail there is in the backgroundand entricity all around like some random pink haired dude enjoying the scenery near an abandoned building. Neat stuff if you ask me!

Very nice! I really like the style and all the little details in the scenery.