Reviews for "[AL] Submarine attack!"

I love the concept.

The underwater theme is excellent. Your intro is highly creative and transitions well into the rest of the song. I almost wish the entire track followed suit; up until 1:25 you had me zoned out, which I love to do when I listen to ambient music. But the increased volume due to the addition of parts kinda snapped me out of it, haha. The various parts are balanced well dynamically, too, which helps the whole ambient factor of the song out a good deal.

I'm an ambient artist myself, (along with techno and electronic in general) so I'll probably listen to this song for a bit when I need to get in the mood.

Real good stuff, I'll check out your other songs and see how they are too. Definitely get this into FFR if you can; this is the kind of music the game needs to save itself.

This is GamerShadow, in case you were wondering. =)

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you very much, very helpful indeed. I will consider this for future refrence. This all helps me improve. When I get enough songs here I'll advertise to FFR, I give FFR Blanket permission for my music on here anyways.


wow this song is amazing o.o i felt the drums fit the rest of the song very well. good job and i might step this :3

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thanks and thanks ^__^


Brilliant. Personally I enjoyed the drums, and would love to see more from you under this genre.

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you very much :) I'm glad you enjoyed it ^_^


you said you fixed it but the drums are still a bit overpowering, maybe simpler hihat?
everything else sound sick
the beginning is my favorite. it has a cool underwater feel

ChampionAnwar responds:

I experimented with many patterns that seemed very unsuccessful, this seemed to be the best fit for me personally :). Thanks for the advice though. I'm glad you liked it :3