Reviews for "[AL] Submarine attack!"

Cool synths

Intro's a little on the long side, but in general it sets the scene really well. I like the imitation radar sounds and the general; couldn't tell what the voice was saying, but it didn't feel like I was meant to, and they're a nice touch in general, just adding to that submarine environment. The change in pitch of the radar 'blip' was a little unexpected, and by the time it changes into the kind of melody line at 0:25 I think it needs to be brought out into the front a little more, especially as the other synth is pretty much completely in the foreground. The introduction of the drums is really nice, the drum sound in general was spot-on.

The melody at 0:58 is nice, I also like the bass line; how it's subtle, but still pronounced enough to give the melody some support. It adds to that vaguely potentially-ominous feeling pretty well. The synth you bring in at 1:19ish evolves really nicely and is a good sound in general, but I think the highlight of the track is the synth at 1:37; it's got a really nice timbre to it and all the slides/modulation that's in it works well. The way it slides all the way down when everything cuts out works well to smooth the transition.
The bass after the cut-out at 2:02 is a bit too quiet and I think the drums maybe come in a little too loudly, but that besides the track ends well. Good ambience, nice sounds, overall a nicely crafted track.

-Review Request Club

ChampionAnwar responds:

Hey thanks, the voices were distorted so you could only hear their presence. . I never really considered the intro really long, but maybe it's because I've heard it quite a lot :P Also, I'll look into the blip thingy, I kinda like that idea.

Glad you liked the drums, I think I like them now hehehehe.

Maybe I should look at the ending bit. though I do see where you are comming from about the bass :D. . Thanks for the review. . has been taknen into account ^^.


Wow, man!! I liked the effects you put in the intro, they made me feel a strange thing, it really seems a submarine...

The drums came in a perfect part, it gave life to the music, they have a nice beat, gave a groovy touch to the music, it made a better music. The ambient created is super cool, it seems you're in a submarine, it's so real and nice, you are transported to other place, i doesn't seem to end...

Great job man, make more things, and keep improving your music skillz!!

(Review Request Club)

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you liked the overall effect, and that it took you to being on a submarine (kinda) *plays spooky music* oh wait hehehehe.

For a while I wasn't too sure about that drums, so thanks for putting my doubts to rest on that one ;D, I'll try to get better and better and better with everything I make.

Thanks for the review! :D

Nice melodies and effects

I really like the melodies in this song, especially in the first half after the intro. They create a very nice atmosphere that is kind of "creepy" (not that kind of creepy that makes you sh*t your pants, but that kind that lets you be very careful... I hope you know what I mean ^^).

The intro might be a bit long though. The voices there are very hard to hear and if they where supposed to say something special I couldn't understand it.

Anyway, the melodies that set in at arount 1:38 have a very nice 8-bit feeling, which somehow fits perfectly into the whole song.

{ Review Request Club }

ChampionAnwar responds:

I get ya ;). It kinda let me play it safe,and I think that was what I did throughout the whole song :P. I never thought the intro was long, and the vocals are just my friend talking sillyness "I think there's a zombie boy eating food off the floor, it's quite disturbing actually. What do we do? I dunno just leave him" hehehehe. Nothing really to do with the song in hand :P.

Thanks for the liking to my tune, and the 8 bit-ish sounds were the hardest to get through, so thanks for taking a like to that section to :D :D

Thanks for the review! ^_^

Great !!

I must say I really enjoyed listening to this one !!

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you very much :].


I like this one.

ChampionAnwar responds:

Thank you ^_^