Reviews for "Family Guy Quiz Time"

good work

i voted 5 cause family guy is my favorite show that ever has or will exist, i only got the last question wrong, well done my friend, well done

I Love You...

The best thing... ever. I knew every answer and got 400 as my score!! Don't believe me?

Soundbytes:(1)head(2)slap(3)country music star(4)egg calendar(5)and no play makes stewie a dull boy *all answers must me in lower case letters*


Beyond:(1)Seth Green(2)Seth Mcfarlene(3)<-(4)Mila Kunis(5)Seth Mcfarlene(6)<-(7)Kent, Connec.(8)Woodbury

Sorry for me blabbing away the answers, but than other people woudn't believe me. When you think about it, I'm doing you a favor. People won't complain it's too hard. Wow Long review.

P.S. Lacey Chabert also voiced Meg Griffin. (1999-2000)

Plebbi responds:

Dude what the hell :s.. if you do this you trash it for everyone else damn why cant the author edit reviews :S... damn fine then people can win but they have it on themselfs if they know they cheated.. and yeah Lacey Chaberts did the voice for meg up to 1999 :D not the 2000 :P or at least not the whole year but yeah.. you are true family guy :D fan

i love this but.........

it take to much of your score away near the end.
i didnt know who the guy was and i didnt know some of the plp who played them and i had only got one wrong in the sound clip one and then i think one in part 2.

btw i know the answer to the question where there at cherry wood and stewie says all work and no play makes stewie a dull boy and yet it said i was wrong because my score went down............what did i do.......

anyway awesome game you are a true devoted family guy fan and talented flash artist.

Plebbi responds:

Ok you have probably typed "And" not "and" or you did "Stewie" instead of "stewie" the author comments it clearly states that you have to use lowercase letters.. otherwise you just made a typo cuz its right what you wrote in the review and thanks :) for the review and you probably voted i assume


Family Guy. Nuff' said...


really good

man I had like a 200 hundred I got all the answers right till I got to part 3 whic I got the first 2 right then got the rest wrong except "who is this guy"