Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

Hate it...

when so called "episodes" of submissions never get posted after such a strong intro.
I can think of several Newgrounds movies that were supposed to be complete series, but ended up with only one or few movies actually coming out...
That's my only disappointment with "Merry Melony" - a FIVE YEAR OLD flash that makes a lot of newer stuff appear amature in comparison, and one that we'll never see the conclusion of. Even the author's "Pengin Power" loop is dated as a 2007 release...Dood... are you dead or in jail or forsaken us completely?!

I'm still giving this a 10/10, just because of the art and overall goodness of this submission - (even though the characters are three-fingered-freaks - something I never understood... especially with this level of detail - why only three?)
Actually, no - wait, wait - I'm deducting a point for that. That, and because this movie really really made me want to see more - and you've evidently robbed me of that pleasure, whether on purpose or unintentionally -
9/10 for you.
It's a great bit of animation, everybody should see this... just a shame nobody should expect to see any more of Melony or the Rabbit any time soon or ever. Drat.

So messed up...I love it!

I can't wait to see more, I really really love the mood this animation brings.


damn that was awsome love it


Your graphics are awesome! Amazing animation. I lovee it.

one word...super great-wait that's two...

This flash has been one of my faves since I first saw it. The animation, sound, and story are all amazing. The look of this gives some sort of Silent Hill meets color type of feeling. The voice work is really top notch-especially for a flash movie. The story, as little information as there is, is still great. A girl apparantly in the middle of some tragedy or horrific dream needs to remember something that will change the state of her well being forever it seems and a lot of strange nuances appear- from the roads covering houses and cars, to the strange Alice in Wonderland/Goosebumps bunny reminding the main character of her fate. I love this flash and I highly recommend anyone who is making a flash movie to take a look at it. I can't wait till the next chapters to come out. Pure art : )