Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

Incredibly Intrigueing...

I agree with what Chuck-eh is saying - the whole lanscape is wonderfully metaphorical - and I'd imagine that the white rabbit was a reference to Alice in Wonderland (Not a rip off like some were saying) - as Melony said "A talking Rabbit, how curious" - which is a direct line from Alice in Wonderland - I'd think that had been done on purpose.
The Animation was stunning, obviously, the most impressive work of flash I've seen in a long while.

Well done, too short

I know this was intended to be a series, and I wish you had continued, to the other readers if you check out his website apparently he does work for EA and other such companies now, probably doesnt have time to do newgrounds anims anymore :(

Veeeerryy interesting.

Great animation, Voice acting, Foreshadowing. All around great short. I love it.


My impression is that she's in the hospital... a coma or something, from a car accident maybe? The rabbit couldbe death. The cell phone call could be a boyfriend or husband sitting beside her, talking to her.

Am I through the looking glass yet?


I really thought the graphics were good, but there is too much left without being told, plus i thought the talking rappit and all the "interesting" things in the background is really too much like Alice in Wonderland, especially the "white" rabbit saying "its late"
grpahics good thought, just remeber fill make it longer and fill in a little bit more of the plot line next time