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Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"


Short vid, dropped project, unanswered questions.

The pros are the voice acting and animation/art

It's no wonder this guy stopped making flash of his own 5 years ago, someone of his caliber probably went on to bigger and better things a long time ago.

To Be Continued?!

That Was like 5 Years ago! I wanna See what happens dammit! lol Nice job and I cant Wait to See What The 2nd one looks like Hope its on your website brah

....Well damn

Hot damn this is interesting to say the least.

Sound: Music is great, the voices...eh....about 99% of the time are phenomenal. There's one spot when she hangs up the phone and says "Ok I love you too.", it's really hard to hear. At least compared to the rest of it.

Animation: The art work is fantastic. I'd hate to live in some of those homes if a bright literally runs through it. Very strange world with very strange happenings. You're facial expressions are evident and nice, and I love this style of motion. Not as smooth going from one position to another which to me makes it look more real. There's only one place that I just noticed odd/off. When she's just walking around and she walks under that bridge with her face on it...her walk seems really off. Her right foot seems to only go out to her side and she looks like she's walking on rollers because her feet are sliding across the ground. I could be nit picking now but it is the only thing I found wrong in this.

Overall: This is an extremely well put together flash. I wish there were more episodes because even though this one didn't full out explain everything you ingeniously told us so little but in a way that told up so much and we want more. Bravo on that and I really want to see more, also very impressive flash for being five years old. It still stands over many today.


this is like alice in wonderland right?? anyway i really likr it except fot the rabbit O.O


That was just sweet.... the animation was very stylish,the sounds were very well picked and made and synchronized,and last,but not least,the scenario is all weird and cryptic and mysterious and stuff-soo my thing! 5/5;10/10 - congrats!