Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

Great animation

Also, his blog:

The project is still alive.

2 ????

I highly doubt 2 will ever come out. There has been no mention of it on his blog or any other website i can find him on.


Very good. I like the art though I wish it was a little cleaner in some spots. Great style.


Just got here by random clicking and oh man, how i am amused!
The animation looks great, the background, all the mystery in the air, the plot.

Congratulations on making this, this is rly good stuff.

very cool

i can't wait to see what happens reminds me of Alice in wonderland... i suppose the talking rabbit that's late is a little bit of a give away lol i also loved the attention to detail like the 'Remember' written on the wall with her face next to it :D i didn't see it at first but on the second time through :D love it when that happens :D
similar style to Alice is dead(the game).. i mean like a twisted form of the original which is awesome cause i love that :D creeps me out just enough.. familiar creepy lol