Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland

Dream-like landscape and a white rabbit. Little wonder I don't think of Lewis Carol. Anyway, if you had wanted to pique interest with this you certainly acheived that. The only reason I'm not giving you ten out of ten is because that rabbit scares the shit outa me.

What ever happened...?

I LONG for a sequel. Just thought you should know your work still resonates.


People like you, who use their talents for good and creative purposes, should be given more credit than you actually do. Thanks to you and your art, I'm inspired to achieve my goal of becoming an art teacher. Kudos :D

Well then....

part two please?

Favorite movie on site

This is easily one of my favorite movies on the site. It's too bad that the next nine (based on description) episodes will probably never come out.