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Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

nice i love it

epic im hooked im of to watch the rest

very interesting..

...it reminds me of silent hill?
..well, it's hard for me to think in something else, THAT strange..
..so, yeah.. it has originality, and awesomeness, and all that cool thing
Good animation, music, effects, details.. everything

Vinnie Veritas meets Donnie Darko

The background in this story seems very reminicent of Vinnie's CCC City while the story seemes very much like a Richard Kelly flick.

i also took some time to dress missy :\

i watched this movie when i was reading mallmonkeys but was lurking too hard to have an account. but i just stumbled back on this again tonight and it's still as stylish and refined as ever. the way you tell the story is dark, moody and compelling. the art is surreal and beautiful. the voice acting was crisp and professional. everything came together with a very cinematic polish.

this movie feels like a sinister distortion of reality, the way streets end abruptly and cars are partially phased into them. i felt this suspenseful "you cant be sure this is a dream" sensation... definitely very eager to see the sequel you've been working on


Beautiful animation, somewhat reminiscent of Jhonen Vasquez (JTHM). Somewhat trippy, but definitely cool.