Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"


Keep it up. I enjoy how you portray your imagination.

Interesting! Wish I could see more!

The animation was awesome and this makes me want to watch the rest of the series (if there was a rest) to find out just what the hell is happening here! I really like your style-- The way at first glance everything appears to be in order, but then you start to notice things here and there that are odd or out of place.

I hate when reviewers like someone below have illogical reasons for disliking great submissions or simply don't put any actual brain power into what they're saying. I don't know what was meant by "be more realistic with the lines" when it's clear there is nothing "realistic" about the world shown (parts of cars sticking out from earth and buildings, tendrils of clouds poking out from buildings, an enormous chunk of earth running through a house, a town completely devoid of life, a TALKING PSYCHO BUNNY?). If anything, one would think the world is within a dream, and we all know dreams can be very fanciful. As far as I see it, the dialogue fits fine once you consider the content of the movie, and it's kind of established that the girl, for lack of a better choice of words, isn't easily surprised (based on her apparent lack of worry when she got a frantic phone call from someone that seemed to be close to her), so it would make sense for her NOT to be alarmed by a random rabbit man, especially since he alludes to her having met him in the past.

Tl;dr: Awsm! Moar plz.


I love the style, sound and animation is great.

good stuff

i cant wiat for pt 2

ups and downs

the animation is very good but trying to make clever lines like, "How curious..." when you see an evil talking rabbit makes me hate the script. Who says that? If it were me I'd say, "what the fuck are you supposed to be???" Be more realistic with the lines like when Melody said, "o-kaayyyy..." when the dude said he loved her.