Reviews for "Run Free In Heaven"

Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky

You sir, are awesome for making this remix! =] two thumbs way up! also i'm a fan of Mirror's Edge :P

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

thx alot! when I 1st heard this song I was like...."OMG OMG I MUST REMIX IT!!!" til I heard Nemesis Theory's mix and couldnt do it for some odd reason. but of course did it after playing the demo xD


This song is just awesome in every way! great use of the mirrors edge elements!

Two songs in a week?

Dude, I have heard of people do a lot worse things than that. Anyway, I was very impressed by this song and thought it had a great deal of originality to it. It gave off to me a nostalgic feeling, of going to a windowsill one night while it was raining. It is in fact a very pleasant song and it does not have anything to do with Valentine's Day despite being submitted on it. It does kind of fit the theme well in that it is a very emotional song. I like how the softer parts of the song are broken up by the louder parts.

nice remix ^^

reminds me of the ambient music that plays in the start menu :) i kinda hear a glassy type sound in there? iuno but it sounds nice 10000000000000/10Starrzzz maaaaan


This really is ambient. This is great to listen to.
The song makes me think...
Listening to this feels like there are no problems.
Great job!
Keep it up!