Reviews for "Up The Platform"


I know how hard it is to make Flash, and this looks like a piece of hard work. The game itself is really cool! (Except, I got a bit frustrated in level 2, because of the bug. But who cares? It's all good.)

I like the game!

This is preety good! I gave it a 4
Keep it up! :)


Nice simple game. graphics were good and gameplay was somewhat smooth. Needs work on collision detecion though. Other than that it is a good game!

Very cool game

I love the gameplay and level design, the only thing that really spoiled it was the way you got stuck inside moving blocks, and the way they would just slide out from under you while standing on them.
Other than that, great game! I would love to see this improved+lengthened in the future.

gunman responds:

It will come. trust me


I like the game, it's one of those things I can enjoy without a long loading time, huge music, or anything. Just a simple little distraction. :)