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Reviews for "Animation Tutorial 5"

These tutorials are so handy!

My flash design and animtion skills are at least 50% better thanks to you!


Rather insightful. always nice when I see tutorials that show that the creator actually knows how to make flash. Basically calculus, and im not a person that likes tedious algorithims so i refrain from making too many complex flashes. Defiinitely good to get perspective in check i agree, or we would have all south park style animations.

man, you know your stuff!

ive quickly gone through all of your tutorials (il go over in more detail later), and you really know what your soing. your instructions make sence and you can actualy make it work, and the whole paper and pens are somtimes better then flash and line tool really does work. and also in this tutorial in particular, you said somthing about a help portal, and i'l probaly use that. thanks so much for putting these out there. now i understand the basics of charecter design and so forth. i was already good at 1, 2 and 3 point perspective, but its still helpful with the eye-level stuff. now maybe i can try my hand at making a movie, instead of just programming games! Overall, pretty good stuff, and i hope to see more of your work!

Thats Great

Thank man... it really helps to know this stuff when youre gonna make some flash movies


Thank you so much, for this and the rest of your tutors! One thing, when you were talking about ovals and circles, you said a computer makes a perfect one. Well a perfect circle or sqare, for that matter a perfect any thing, is absolutley impossible! Thanks for another tutorial, Can you make a seventh (though i haven't viewed the 6th)? Please?