Reviews for "FF: Warfare 9"

this just keeps getting better and better

absolutely kick ass job man, but i just have to ask you, will squall be making an appearance in this flash?
anyway great job and keep up the good work^_^


Will you remake all the serie again (ff warfare 2= ff warfare chapter 2)?
If you want to don't do it...it's a waste of time...

Nice movie!

Great movies! But u have a crappy Cloud Sprite!

You need a better Cloud sprite that Cloud sucked. The sword was the wrong way and stuff. Hell-fire made a whole hell better Cloud Sprite than u can make.

good movie

realy good movie, i realy liked the music. the last battle was realy short though you should have made it longer. the movie itself was shorter then usaly to .


I liked it. The Sprites were really cool