Reviews for "FF: Warfare 9"


Old stuff, but still good. Im just waiting for Warfare X to come.
Hurry up already. Stop taking time on the remakes XP.

Hurry up, i want to see new work of yours.

The buttons are a bit annoying, but if they please others, i guess i'll have to deal with them =\

HAcoreRD responds:

Well Warfare X is going to be hard work as theres like 5 speech parts, rest is fighting. So i wanna go slowly and make it not suck. :P

It seemed the same as the first one.

The only real differences is a few more parts and shit. Seemed really short. Loved it though, was wondering when you would make a new one. Any news about the day after series?

not the best I've seen but ok

I loved the way that Vincent and Sephiroth were adjusted into a smaller bit format. I could still tell ti was them
Loved the use of music in it as well


Each time it just gets better and better man

you are so mean!

this is about ff warfare 10 not this one. all of my favorite charicters are dead! it was bad enugh when you killed rydia! now the only one i like that is left is rosa! if she dies i am not watching these anymore! other than those the movie was great! p.s i liked the music!