Reviews for "FF: Warfare 9"

It seemed the same as the first one.

The only real differences is a few more parts and shit. Seemed really short. Loved it though, was wondering when you would make a new one. Any news about the day after series?


Old stuff, but still good. Im just waiting for Warfare X to come.
Hurry up already. Stop taking time on the remakes XP.

Hurry up, i want to see new work of yours.

The buttons are a bit annoying, but if they please others, i guess i'll have to deal with them =\

HAcoreRD responds:

Well Warfare X is going to be hard work as theres like 5 speech parts, rest is fighting. So i wanna go slowly and make it not suck. :P


The Clicking!! I want to watch a movie, not a slide show. I dont want to have to click through each part of the dialogue. But, otherwise it was good.

HAcoreRD responds:

Sorry man, it's the only way to please slow and fast readers. Otherwise you get the people crying "It took forever to get through 1 dialogue" or you get the "I couldn't read what they were saying. :'("

Buttons pleases most though :)

this just keeps getting better and better

absolutely kick ass job man, but i just have to ask you, will squall be making an appearance in this flash?
anyway great job and keep up the good work^_^


I liked it. The Sprites were really cool