Reviews for "FF: Warfare 9"

good movie

realy good movie, i realy liked the music. the last battle was realy short though you should have made it longer. the movie itself was shorter then usaly to .

you are so mean!

this is about ff warfare 10 not this one. all of my favorite charicters are dead! it was bad enugh when you killed rydia! now the only one i like that is left is rosa! if she dies i am not watching these anymore! other than those the movie was great! p.s i liked the music!


Each time it just gets better and better man


Will you remake all the serie again (ff warfare 2= ff warfare chapter 2)?
If you want to don't do it...it's a waste of time...

Nice movie!

Great movies! But u have a crappy Cloud Sprite!

You need a better Cloud sprite that Cloud sucked. The sword was the wrong way and stuff. Hell-fire made a whole hell better Cloud Sprite than u can make.