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Reviews for "Type Wild"


Can you tell me where I can find this song? It's too damn catchy for me to pass up. Please, I need it.

antdocevil responds:

Type Wild (both english and japanese) are pretty common on file-sharing networks such as Gnutella or Morpheus. Sometimes you'll find a poor copy, so you might have to download a few copies before you find a good one. Have fun.


MOTZA MOTZA!!!! THIS MOVIE WUZ SHIBBY, hey you know that gy with the text box that sez "Im a Fagrot"? i think i know that kid, he am my frend. TYPE WILD!

This is a comment!

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what the fuck?????

That was the stupidest shit i have ever seen i mean jesus christ that was retarded......I loved it!!!!i came in my pants just watching that..... oh yeah TYPE WY.....Go dancing COW!!!!!!!

pretty funny

I really loved the fat guy singing havent seen this stuff in a bit. Keep it coming :)