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Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"


This has always been my fav track from DKC and you definitely did it justice. I just added you to my favs thanks to this song. Kudos, my friend.

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

Thanks alot for adding me to your favs. glad you like it ^_^v


hmm i never really checked out any of your video genre songs, but after hearing this piece.... man.... looks like im going through ALL of ur songs now hehe, Nice job~!


i like it, the name kind of turned me onto it but after listening to it i love it haha. not really my kind of song to listen to all the time but hell sonuds really good. not like a bunch of pplz songs which is straight ear rape X(. lol good job

Brings back memorys

Listening to this, i thought it was familiar, then i read the comments. This is the bgm from one of the mechanical stages with the lifts and all isn't it?

GG conchetumare X :v