Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"


incredible hit a great rhytim to the music i saw she in xionic madness is great man thx for that music

Two words

Freakin' awesome

Catchy Tune!

Ipod worthy, certainly one of those "Kick-Ass" songs. I was surprised it originally was a song in the DK series, thanks for perfect song!


Kick ass song man keep up the good work

I finally know what i want to say about this song.

This song has been a part of my playlist for the last few weeks, and every time it comes on, it catches my attention. I like to game to techno, and even after the music has faded to the background of my focus, this song always grabs my attention.

from 30-50 the build up starts to get awesome, and then at :57 when the leads come in it catches my ear, and then the key change in the bass and leads at 1:03 is so good. and from there on i am helplessly enthralled in this song.

kudos, perfection.