Reviews for "Fear Factory 2009"

Brings back memorys

Listening to this, i thought it was familiar, then i read the comments. This is the bgm from one of the mechanical stages with the lifts and all isn't it?

ooohhhhhh, aahhhh

it filled me with a joy, i have not felt that way in forever.

Excelent music

I love this song, especcialy in Xionic Madness 3. Fitting for the flash! :j

omg epic!!

this maybe the best song i ever heard in my LIFE!!!!

Damn good

Xionico and the other flash artists made a good choice on using this in the flashes. But exactly what song is this a remix of? Again, I'm glad that newgrounds offers free music and often good music at that, as well as grateful for the music artists such as yourself willing to contribute to the audio portal. Thnx for uploading!

CrimzonWolf777 responds:

it's a remix of the oil drum alley stage in donkey kong country