Reviews for "Emotional Demo 3"

Man i'm hungry!

......but you can keep the cupcake man chill!

great job

ahh man i really love your work especially these they make me laugh so much (i like the intro where you say your the ruler of the universe)

How Fitting!!

How suited to the ironies of life that this is great comedy lol. You have great talent! Perfect voice for humorous cartoons and the like. Good stuff.

Bezo responds:

Heh, thanks a lot.

how beutifuly antagonistic

I'm absolutely mistified actualy. Having recently read Othello in my English class and viewed a movie enacting the play (with laurence Fishburne as Othello); I must say that as far as I can tell, this audio would fit you right in as a vengeful and driven Lago (or at least those parts of his character). Well done!

Bezo responds:

Sweet. I'd love to be all Shakeyspearian. That would be teh r0x0r. ;)

Sorry, teeh r0x0reth.


Hoo, this was too funny, I was holding in my laugh(It's 6:02 at time of typing)...Really good, and that was funny...Make more!