Reviews for "Emotional Demo 3"

Oooh Spooky

Man that was a little spooky but awsome was that you or did you have someone else with you.
But it was great.

Bezo responds:

It's all me, baby. Or something. Well, it's all me, anyway. ;)


Wow THAt WAS FUNNY. it was pretty gewd. are you in drama??

Bezo responds:

Actually, I'm not. But I plan to be next year.

Omg that was funny

It had me laughing for minutes non stop. Great job.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I had a lot of fun doing this one.


You HAVE to make more of these, or at least make a flash movie for this one...

10th Review!

OMG that was funny! I just about died. I have never heard a song using a cupcake and an overdramatic responce to losing one so cleverly...or at all for that matter. Great work!