Reviews for "Kermit Kombat 2 ep 3"

I love it!

References to cult media can really pump some humor into a flash. It's too bad that alot of people don't seem to have the attention span or the willingness to follow it's long twisty plot. And to the people who complain about the transformer scene: It's supposed to be funny! It's a joke on the long and sometimes quite random transformation scenes in the transformers of old.

The characters and gags were all well realized and very funny, but the voicework could use improvement. Like the cat character; he was great as is, but could have been FANTASTIC if his voicework had been slightly better.

I loved it

I'm a big fan of Pinnicle and i love his site neptune circle i've been waiting 2 years for this to come out and i was impresed i really like it so all i can say is keep up the good work!

One Word: This is too bad to explain in wordage

So horrible. The voices? Sucked. The animation style? Sucked. The characters? Sucked, and there were too many. The Plot? From what i could understand, the plot was abysmal? If someone found a shred of something good in this plot, tell me, because i was ready to vomit.


I see you have some unresolved issues with kermit from some past childhood memories. This was a good try on dissing a childs friend but not good enough to be funny.

Waiting so damn long for this shit

It was really good, but...... It was kinda short compared to your other ones still good pretty good! Keep up the good work