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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"


Its ovious you put alot of work into that great job any plans on making a series.

nice work

This is a real piece of flash art. was suprised by the nice graphs when first starting the movie. And then the battle was great as well. Thats one sick cruiser. Keep on the great work


Yo you are the best flash artist i've seen, the graphics were sweet! 1-10 scale... it would be about maybe a 90. Kicks so much ass I couldn't sit down. Great music. Actually I have no complaints, there was nothing wrong with it. This movie is Flash as it was ment to be. Hell... i'm sure you made some amatuer "flashers" get some inspiration. Thank you, and god bless ya man.


holy god !! the is THE best piece of flash work i have seen done in a long time. amazing graphics along with a strong plot and excellent sound fx. can it get any better?


I'm speechless, that was AMAZING, can't wait to see the next. Keep up the good work man!