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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"


It was almost like watching a professional studio movie, or a a highbudget shooter, awesome work, this is some of the highest quality work on newgrounds.


good work, everyone loves explosions. Did the graphics remind anyone of freespace and super smash brothers crammed together?

awesome and refreshing

great movie it shows how far you have come with your flash movie making McFretn from those years way back. good to see another sequel to the great combat instinct games. hope to see you making more movies again and hopefully a sequel to brutality :D

quite frankly...

that was the best flash animation i have ever seen. and ive seen a helluva lot of flashs (flashes? flashi?).

Spine-chilling excitement

W-o-w. This is fantastic. Everything you've ever wanted in a space fighter movie is here: lasers, intense moments and more futuristic vehicles than you can shake a Purgatory missile at.
Anywhoo, onwards to the review!

Graphics = 9. Very nice graphics, i admired them. But at some occasions...they looked flat. Everything else was delicious to look at, however! 9/10 for you.

Style = Whoa. The camera changing, the very detailed (yet understandable) HUD, the intense moments...everything is here. Plus the fact that 'Purgatory' is a wicked name for a missile. 10/10, waiter!

Sound = Different sounds for different guns, and each of them had the 'oomph effect' as each gun should (e.g. the ships guns sounding (and looking) puny compared to the vulcan's "KAKKA-KAKKA-KAKKA" barrage) And the Purgatorys sounded very cool and scarylike. Sent shivers down the spine! 9/10, one taken off for not a variety of explosion sounds, and the Purgatory's sounded -exactly- the same each time (correct me if i'm wrong).

Violence = Booms, bangs and fire. Nothing but violence here! It was well organized and was intense at the right moments. Loved it ^-^ omfg 10 plz.

Interactivity = Its a movie, not a game! Although the starting story was a little reliever while it loaded. 2/10, but not a bad thing!

Humour = Laugh at this and you're morbid. =p No humour, but again, a good thing.

Overall = 10. Fantastic movie that shows a ton of effort, love and care poured into it. And it payed off! You, sir, have a very good movie indeed...a big step up from 'Pikachu Gets It!' by far! =D

McFretN responds:

wow, thanks for the long read.
Purgatory is actually a reference to the game Jumpgate. When theyre on you They give you the priceless "I could die any moment, when is it going to end?!" feeling, and thats what purgatory is all about! :)
Some sounds appear repetitive, i agree. Life would be so much easier if flash had a frequency modifier.