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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

Extremely good!

This is super good, it looks like you either took a shiteload of screenshots of a bunch of games and put them together, or you made those 3D models yourself. Eitherway: ITS SOME KICKASS SHIT!!

one of the best movies ive ever seen!


makes me want to play homeworld

absolutely meteoric comeback

well I expected The whole of North America to sink into the oceanbefore this happened. Great foray into movie making; I've honestly seen nothing like this on the portal executed so well. Good to see your still here.


I don't write that many reviews, but I just had to for this movie! It was so great! Awesome 3d models! The graphics were terrific and the sound went great with the action. I liked the 'Aft Gauss Cannon 5' camera, and the view from inside the ships with the damage display and stuff. This was a very creative and interesting action-packed flash movie! Keep up the great work!

In response to Lampa's remark:

Of course the fire effect isnt great, this is flash animation for fucks sake!
It's not like this is a 3-d movie made by pixar or some other high end corporation.

Anyways, the sound was great, and the action was nice.
The animation was smooth also.

Make more of these!