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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"


that was great!! but the ending inda sucked, besides tha good job and keep em comin!!

good, but.

Very nice grafix, deffinitly the higlight of the movie. the story and over all action could drasticaly be improved though. i can deffinitly see the resemblance of homeworld in the movie, and i love that game. About the action, like i said the graphics are really good for a flash but the action was kind of slow, the missles seemed to take for ever to get any where and it seemed to stick to one thing for a long time, first some turrets in the opening, which was prety well done but then the vulcan canons later on you just lingered with it way to long... kind of like what im doing with this review, any way if you are going to make another one of these i would watch a good space fighter movie and watch how they keep the action exciting(i also think some nice some nice shaky earthquake like camera work would work well with the thruster shots and the explosions).


good graphic and great use of 3D effects

fairly awesome

this was coooooooool nice cgi and good action. i mean that. keep it up, man

A classic that I've always remembered from my first visits to Newgrounds years ago. Too bad there won't be anymore like it.