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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

omg,you actally came back

awesome flash (brings back old times ^_^),im probably not the only one asking this but WHERE THE FUCK IS BRUTALITY 2 >:( its been 4 years ya know :P

McFretN responds:

I hope someday people will forget about brutality 2. i just dont want to make it


It was almost like watching a professional studio movie, or a a highbudget shooter, awesome work, this is some of the highest quality work on newgrounds.

This one is realy good

I hope that NG will see more of this as it is realy good and nice.

It's about time!

Omg, it is about time McFretN. I waited over two years for another CI release. Too bad this one isn't interactive like your others. Now all I have to wait is for another Brutality =P If you're ever going to do it, think you said you weren't. This is a masterpiece, well done, everything, awesome!

quite frankly...

that was the best flash animation i have ever seen. and ive seen a helluva lot of flashs (flashes? flashi?).