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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

HOLY SHIT!?!?!?!?!

that was 4 megs?????? at that good of graphics, and lasting that long?

I bow before you, and hope that this animation goes to the front page (probably will)


I agree with every one, this is the greatest flash on NG I seen...it is the BEST. d(";)b


I've always liked C.I.The small "story" gave it a purpose, all the different point of view shot were pretty awsome, all the little details (port vulcan 2 cam, ARMED TORPEDO STILL ATTACHED) made it more interesting. Overall, this was pretty darn cool as well as the of C.I.'s


that was mad! ive never seen such good artwork on ng keep up the good job! hope to c more of your work soon


you know when i read on the front page that this was an incredible animation i instantly thought of you but then i remembered that you had quit flash but now that i know it is you i cannot put into words how happy you've made me by animating again you are fantastic and please make more!
p.s. i know you probably get this all the time but will there be another brutality?