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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

Happy to see you here again.

Whoa! I remeber you... I was on only 12 y.o.... Well... This is funny. I'm with the same old Athlon 750Mhz and I can still watch your animation, well, with low quality... :)

The sounds are perfect! Good music, graphic, well, according to the low quality, they are very good! ;)

I'm happy to have "protected" this movie, even I know this was already win for you... Frontpage content!!!

Simply awesome

I've been a fan of of the Combat Instinct movies since the beginning, and this one was jaw-droppingly awesome. The direction, the sound, the visuals, all top notch. I really hope you continue the series. Great Job.


You are indeed talented. This is the most visually impressive Flash I have ever seen. It looked almost like a PS One Cutscene. I don't know how you made that and I am jealous of your talents. Teach me oh great one!!

wow McFreten, your back in flash again!!!

Good job, the first movie I watched on NG was Brutality, well done. Hope you stay in flash for good


I honestly wasn't aware such visuals of that class and calibur were capable on Flash. You certainly gave me a pleasant suprise. The music was perfect for it all and the action scenes never stopped coming. You even managed to humanize this deep space battle with the death and choice to not go alone of one of the attackers. I can tell you cared a lot for this project as well, with the back story you gave it and so forth. You truly did an exceptional job.