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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

Happy to see you here again.

Whoa! I remeber you... I was on only 12 y.o.... Well... This is funny. I'm with the same old Athlon 750Mhz and I can still watch your animation, well, with low quality... :)

The sounds are perfect! Good music, graphic, well, according to the low quality, they are very good! ;)

I'm happy to have "protected" this movie, even I know this was already win for you... Frontpage content!!!

It's amazing to see how the CI series has evolved

I was so surprised when I saw the artist name on this entry. This was awesome. How long did that take you?

Great to see you back at flash.

I really enjoy your work and I am glad you got back into it with a bang with this piece of work right here. I really enjoyed it. There isn't a think I can think of to improve of this. No one can compare to your imagination and creativity and that is why it got me down hearing about you retiring. I hope this isn't the last of what you do. I really encourage you continuing with flash among many others I am sure. I'm not asking you to pick up your old projects but I just want to see you back in the groove with flash entertainment.

Always supporting you.

Best movie I ever seen

man u got some serious talent... nice work!!

Holy Crap

Holy crap that was good. The graphics where awsome! They looked like something that came out of a ps2 video game(except the flames) man if you mad that a game it would be some awsome ass shit man!