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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

One of the coolist things on Newgrounds

Hey what can I say that was about the awsomest thing i've seen all month the little menu things from first person rocked they gave it a feeling of grunge and of urgency. Sequel????


Look at my rating, then go look at my other reviews.
You'll see why this deffinately is 10 material.

Make. More... Now!
That is all.


Wow... Just wow! amazing i love the sound!!!!


This is the most fantastic piece of art ever, man if that became a game i'd play it 24/7.

This deserves a 10, the action was great too and it kept me on the edge of my seat. The music was awesome and of course the graphics are intense. Also a 10 for style =-)

Aweesome..you are back

isnĀ“t this the first thing you ahve submited in like three years? and your still the master of flawless acton and awesome graphics. welcome back