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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

I hate 3D flashes

But what you did was exceptional! It takes really good 3d art to make me vote high on it. I like everything cept the human drawing. I thought that was horrible beyound a ressonable doubt. But where you lack in drawing the human body you make up in outstanding 3d design Good Job. keep up the good work.


That was really cool!

It reminded of Homeworld in many many ways... which is great becuase I love that game. The graphics in your flash were all around excellent, I liked how you intergrated photoshoped images into your animation sequence. The overall animation was very smooth and gripping. The sound scheme was also excellent, you chose good sci-fi music and SFX. Overall, I loved the movie and will be adding it to my favorites. I'm confident that you will get front page!



i was wondering when u'd be back on the scene. your site is so 'unupdated' (so to speak) that i feared we'd never see mcfretN again.

not too much of a plot, and some animation techniques i spotted were pretty cheesy.

overall, still very good and i enjoyed the excellent shooting effects, although the explosions are 'so' CI2.

well done.


The _BEST_ flash movie i've seen in... well, ever! The only two weak points are the voice acting, at least there's not much of it. Also, the scene when the pilot's life support gets shot up, the sequence showing the pilot's cartoon-ish face was in stark contrast to the rest of the sharp looking graphics. Two small gripes to an otherwise outstanding, top-notch performance! Great work here!

Oh my god

This is a masterpiece. I have never seen a flash movie that comes close to comparing with this. Hell, many actual movies have seen don't compare to this (plus, this is free!) This is incredible work, and I would say the best I have seen since I joined newgrounds (which was a pitifully long time ago.)

Anyway, this is amazing work, and I'll run out of words far before I begin to touch on its magnificence.