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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

awesome animation

I'd say it's pretty neat as a 3D animation, still the sprites can do some work.

Awesome, after all these years it's still good. Biggest question I have is where can I get the Ka-Sol song in this? It's so good I have been searching it for years and I still can't find it.

space ships>>>>>>> fuck yeah

thought this was really cool

Still top notch...

...five years after the initial release. McFretN, I have to say that you are still one of the all time greats on Newgrounds and this 3D flash movie shows. However, the impact that this had has been dampened with the release of Gunchest and Evangelion: CGE Footage. I noticed that you were inspired by Starlight Odyssey and Genesys, the creator of that 3D flash, lauded this very movie. As much as I liked that, this was better animated, directed, and had fitting music. (see below)

In terms of art and animation; usually when somebody uploads a 3D Flash movie, it suffers from good models ruined by bad animation (Battle For The Portal) or vice versa (Rick's Adventure). This, on the other hand, looks good for models with a low ammount of polygons and the textures don't suffer from the Flash 7+ texture glitch that CI2, CI3, and Brutality suffer from. However, the background texture didn't properly loop when that pilot did a suicide strike towards the cruiser. The animation really shows how you put Flash's tweening capabilities to excellent use with both the fighters and that cruiser having inertia. Plus, you also made great use of flash gradients. On the other hand, when we see the pilot, his hair could have used a bit of work, and when we see a close up of his hand, his index finger looks off center. As for the sound design, Earth by Ka-Sol was an excellent choice (I have that song in my YouTube favorites), and I liked how you used Half-Life 2's sound effects for all the gunshots and explosions. However, the voice acting while not bad, isn't as good as MMZ: The Last Cataclysm. Then there's the content, which really shows that you are a man who really knows his shit. The direction, pace/timing, and shot choices made this a landmark animation when it was first released. Sure, the story may be simple, but not everything needs to be either lengthy or complex.

What I approve of:
-Excellent use of 3D, Tweening, and Gradients.
-Great sound design
-Magnificent direction and timing
-Fitting plot

What I don't approve of:
-Somewhat derivative, but I know that not everything needs to be completely original in order to be good.
-The voice acting could have been better.
-Graphic/animation errors

Overall: I bet if you teamed up with a frame-by-frame animator, some voice actors, and some songs from the audio portal; you'll be back on top. Here's a ten out of ten, and I would like to see more flash from you.