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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"

Kinda Cold

As well made as this is, it kinda leaves me empty. As Nick Park put it, action scenes should be about character, not hardware. Not saying you needed to show, like, little romantic subplots or such but maybe a few more character scenes could be included in exchange for ships shooting at each other.


Your games are fucking amazing and this movie was mindblowings..
Hope you make some sort of series or something.

Awesome movie

But are ya ever coming back man! its been a few years and (atleast) i havent seen any promises of continuing...Oh well...i do hope you keep making CI Games.

McFretN responds:

I'm currently working on a new installment of CI (not a game)

your graphics you used there were amazing!

just that 3D world you used there was super cool!
the flying effects everything good job nice work well done!
i can't say more it is just awesome!

Simply Spectacular Like Your Other Works

It's another 10/10 like your other works. I watched this over and over and over again. You made it as my 3rd favorite and that's no small feat. Tell me when your coming out with another. I gave you a ten oneverything cuz your my favorite author.