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Reviews for "CI: Unregulated"


heres the best 3d movie on NG .
Im wondering why its score is 4.32 , i mean , what idiot could vote under 5 on this ?
hey McFretN could you tell me where i can download that program or download a trial from it .
I cant wait to see more stuff of you ; )

Excellent work!

The animation in this move were flawless and smooth and the soundtrack was incredible. You guys did an awesome job on this, keep it up!


The graphics were fantastic and so was the music. Keep up the good work! :D


that was mad! ive never seen such good artwork on ng keep up the good job! hope to c more of your work soon

Good concept....horrible droning....

This film droned on and on. I got bored quickly b/c it was continuously the same thing. It was really good and cool at first, but after the same stuff happening for five minutes, enough was enough. There was truly nothing original or innovative here.